Pidgin 2.7.0 breaks Guifications

Aaron Leonard Aaron at
Fri May 21 18:33:31 EDT 2010


As far as I know, this problem's not yet been reported (although I have
only just now joined this list.)

The upgrade to Pidgin 2.7.0 has broken the Guifications new message
"toaster" popups.  I.e. I have Guifications configured to pop up a
message whenever I get a new message ... and it worked fine up through
all 2.6 versions ... but with 2.7.0, Guifications pops up no longer.

This is *not* an instance of the "Flash window" bug
( ... I've got the pidgin.dll
with that fix installed, and it does fix the icon flash problem ... but
still no joy for Guifications.

Now, I see that doesn't want us to file bugs against
issues with plugins (although since the plugin worked in 2.6.6 but
doesn't in 2.7.0, it seems likely that this is a bug in Pidgin.)  So
shall I file a bug against Guifications?  (Not sure what's going on with
Guifications ... it seems that there is some work in progress on a
version 3, but not in the last several months?)



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