Problem with buddy name

Wolfe, Rick G x28837 Rick.Wolfe at
Wed Oct 20 09:07:45 EDT 2010

I've noticed for a long time that the buddy name gets truncated for certain people.  I found the commonality to be the way the adminstrator assigned the name.

For instance: "Crane, Dave x28619,Crane,Crane,Crane" displays as "Dave x28619" (truncated)
          or: "Passes, Harvey,Passes" displays as "Harvey" (truncated)

         but: Farley, Peter x23353 displays as "Farley, Peter x23353" (full name).

When I assign an alias name to display the full name, it displays the alias until the next time I reconnect, then it goes back to the truncated name again.

Any way around this issue?



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