QQ can not stay on line?!

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Mon Oct 25 03:30:37 EDT 2010

Sam in Hi wrote:
> Dear Sir,

This is actually a public mailing list.
> When I add my QQ account into the account list (2008QQ), it works only 
> for a few second. >_<
> Then the server will tell me that " the QQ account has been suspended,
> Since Your QQ number may exist in unusual circumstances,
> And has been restricted login protection, need to be activated to log in."
> 您的号码可能存在异常情况,已受到限制登录保护,需激活后才能正常登录

I'm not sure that anyone is currently maintaining the QQ plugin.  It 
really requires that there be someone in China (or at least interested 
in instant messaging in Chinese), with a QQ account, and willing to do 
the work for free.
I don't believe that the QQ protocol specification is published, so any 
plugin maintainer has to reverse engineer changes in it before they can 
do anything.
David Woolley
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