Transfer account settings

Michael Secord gizmokid2005 at
Wed Oct 27 15:31:06 EDT 2010

Your buddies are stored server side, at least in most (if not all) 
protocols. I won't guarantee it, but I believe it is this way.

If you just install Pidgin and setup your accounts in it on the new PC 
everything should work just fine. You'll have to readd/reenable plugins 
and redo your preferences on the new machine though.

You can use the info in this link to copy your entire .purple directory 
over to the new machine. This will include your preferences, any logs 
you may have, as well as your account and buddy list information.


On 10/27/2010 2:40 PM Charles Green <cgreen at> said unto 
support at

> All,
> I would like to take my Pidgin from one Windows XP PC to my new Windows
> 7 PC. Is it possible to do this, or do I need to re-set all my buddies
> on the new PC?
> Thanks,
> Charlie

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