unable to connect to yahoo

Mark Calvo mark_calvo at ovi.com
Sun Sep 5 03:46:31 EDT 2010


i am using a nokia n900 and have installed:

1. pidgin messenger
2. pidgin protocol plugin for conversations and contacts

i use the latter more as it is more convenient and the former only serves as a back-up.

i have yahoo, facebook, skype, and ovi accounts programmed into both and have not faced issues until 3 sept 2010.

my yahoo account won't login thru the latter but works fine with the former. all my other accounts are working ok.

here are the chain of events last friday:

1. i was logged in with yahoo thru the pidgin plugin for n900
2. i was prompted for an update and installed it
3. afterwards, i used my pc to login to ym, it was ok but my phone prompted me that my login thru my mobile was disconnected.
4. after a few minutes, i logged off from my pc.
5. tried to login back to ym via phone plugin but was prompted of network error.
6. i thought that yahoo was down and tried again after a few hours. still no luck logging in thru the plugin but logging in thru the pidgin app was fine.
7. i deleted the ym account in the plugin and tried to set it up again, no luck until such time i wrote this email.

appreciate your assistance.

from Mark Calvo 
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