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David Woolley forums at
Thu Sep 9 02:34:11 EDT 2010

> I detected a problem in the application and would like to help.
> When I type "?" In chat. Pidgin does not recognize this

Question mark works perfectly on  Pidgin 2.7.3, Windows XP SP3, MSN, UK 
localised. What is your configuration?  Maybe your email program can't 
cope with the character, either, and you didn't actually type a "?".

> character. If I type in notepad and paste in pidgin
> works perfectly.
> To enter "?" I use the CTRL ALT W

Control-Alt-W does nothing in either notepad or Pidgin.  On a quick 
search I found no documentation suggesting it should do anything in 
Pidgin and there are no standard control-Alt shortcuts in Windows. 
Notepad doesn't seem to have any specific shortcuts.  What is your basis 
for assuming that Control-Alt-W will do anything?

David Woolley
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