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Sun Sep 12 14:19:20 EDT 2010

On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 04:31:51AM -0400, ~!~ me ~!~ typed:
> Due to the ever increasing yahoo messenger spam I have two feature requests.
> 1) Every time I log into my yahoo accounts through pidgin I get about 10 or
> 15 friend requests that are actually spam bots trying to get me to add them
> to my friend list. It would be nice if Pidgin allowed me to block all friend
> requests, conference requests, and any other requests. To make it even
> better, it could block all friend requests unless the user is already on my
> friend list, that way I could add a friend and not have to turn off the
> friend request block when the friend tries to add me.

Blocking conference and chat invitations is already supported (check the
Advanced tab when editing your account).  Blocking add requests seems to
me to be much more trouble than it's worth--too many people will forget
they've turned it on and claim Pidgin is broken.
> 2) When removing someone from my yahoo messenger list, I would like to be
> able to also remove my ID from the other person's friend list as well.
> Currently NoBuddy does this but it does not work on Windows 7 and Yahaven
> does it also, but it is only a Yahoo messenger client.

If we were to implement this, we would be deviating from the
over-the-wire behavior of the official client, thus allowing Yahoo to
detect and block us much more easily than they can with us mimicing
their software.

> 3) I know no current 3rd party yahoo chat client does this, but it would be
> awesome if Pidgin supported photo sharing. Send file almost never works, and
> photo sharing is the only reason I even still have yahoo messenger
> installed.

Patches are welcome for this request.

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