trouble with gtalk

Ezequiel Davidovich Caballero ezelotaku at
Mon Sep 13 00:07:50 EDT 2010

Hi, sorry to bother you.

I've been using pidgin for some time without trouble on my desktop pc. I 
recently got a laptop and installed pidgin. The weird thing is, when I connect 
through my vpn I have no trouble, but when I'm not, I can't connect to gtalk. I 
get the disconnected unable to connect error. I don't have the vpn installed on 
my desktop and I don't have trouble there with any protocol.

I'm running the latest pidgin version on windows 7. My gtalk settings are the 
default ones. I even manually opened the 5222 port on my wifi router, tried 
using the old port, nothing worked.

I couldn't find any similar issue on google or the ticket list, so any help will 
be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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