bug pidgin ver Pidgin 2.7.3 (libpurple 2.7.3) 0f25fe5523bd7d9bdd4888e8323bfffb157afa57

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Sat Sep 18 04:37:08 EDT 2010

kill -9 $$ wrote:
> Fallo en win...
> al recibir una imagen pidgin la previsualisa esto representa un problema 
> ya que el visor de imagenes ve de una en una...
> osea se previsualiza la imagen en pidgin y si la queres ver o editar no 
> es posible porque el recurso esta compartido ...
> aun cerrando la ventana de conversacion el hilo queda pegado ....

This is an English language mailing list and you will get a better 
response if you ask in English.

However, whilst I can't understand enough of your image handling problem 
to attempt an answer, I can tell that the following information is missing:

Operating system  ("kill -9 $$ hints at some variation of Unix, but not 
specifying it hints at some recent version of Windows).
Instant messaging service in use.

I'm also not clear whether this is bug (something that pidgin is not 
doing as intended) or a feature request (something that pidgin is doing 
as intended, but you would like it to do differently).

I think you may be saying that you cannot extract an image from the 
message in which it appears, but there are too many words I don't know 
for me to be sure of this.

David Woolley
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