Is it possible to force color of text in the discussion window?

gialloporpora gialloporpora at
Tue Sep 21 17:19:09 EDT 2010

Dear all, 
I use Pidgin last version with GTK 2.16 on Windows XP SP3. 

I have downloaded the GTK themes package to change the Pidgin theme. I have
successfully changed the theme with a dark one (Razlock-dark). 

All seem to works except an annoiance with the discussion window. 
if I  open a discussion window with a contact that use MSN (where
formattation of text is allowed), the problem  is that color of the
background window is too similar to text color. 

Is it possible to ignore the color of font used by my contact and use white
color for text? Something similar to plain-text mode view for  e-mails. 

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