IRC logging

Daniel Atallah datallah at
Wed Sep 22 09:43:44 EDT 2010

2010/9/22 David Balažic <david.balazic at>:
> Are IRC channels logged?
> I have turned on logging in prerences for all instant messages and all chats.
> Also the conversation windows has logging enabled in its Options menu.

If you have the appropriate preferences enabled, then they are actually logged.

> But I can't see them.
> I select the menu Buddies / View user log...
> Then I select the IRC account and enter the channel name.
> I get "No logs were found".

Well, it isn't really a "User log", but I believe that this did work
at one point.
Looking at the code, that menu entry isn't going to work with chats.

I know that if you have the channel in your buddy list, you can
right-click on it and view the log that way.


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