Guifications not working?

Michael Secord gizmokid2005 at
Mon Apr 4 20:35:59 EDT 2011

Guifications 2.14 is working fine here on Win7 Ult x64. I've never had 
an issue with it.

Are you sure there's a valid theme selected? That has always been the 
problem I have with it, when they stopped working.


On 4/4/2011 7:20 PM Aaron Leonard <Aaron at> said unto GGCrono 
<ggcrono4 at> and support at

> Just as a hint, why not try using Snarl ( It handles
> Pidgin notifications quite nicely. (I never could get Guifications to
> work myself.)
> Hth,
> Aaron
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> I recently upgraded, by pure necessity, to Windows 7 from Windows XP. But
>> ever since I have, Guifications doesn't work.
>> Everything appeared to go okay with the installation, it appears in my
>> list
>> of plugins, I can configure it, it says it's enabled, but the pop-ups
>> simply
>> do not pop-up. I have the latest version of Pidgin, and tried un- and
>> re-installing Guifications several times.
>> Does anyone know what the trouble might be?
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