Ask pidgin to ignore networkmanager?

Daniel Howard dannyman at
Wed Apr 20 20:58:23 EDT 2011


I am an Ubuntu user and long-time Pidgin lover.  I have a minor
irritation though: when my wireless drops, all my Pidgin connections
drop, and then re-establish.  I could live with this but that means I
blip in and out on IRC channels, and that annoys my friends.

When my network blips, my SSH sessions stay up: they're using a more
"ignorant" approach to networking which I am used to with Unix

Q: Is there a switch somewhere to turn off Pidgin's awareness /
handling of networkmanager events?  Is it possible to build a
non-networkmanager-aware client?  (Or just make IRC ignore
networkmanager?)  How hard would it be for a Unix Admin with
rudimentary C programming ability who completed a course in socket
programming a decade ago to hack this in?  Should I be bugging the
developer alias with this question?

Thanks for any pointers.



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