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Sat Apr 23 12:58:57 EDT 2011

Hello. A month ago I sent an email to tech support about an issue I
encounter when enabling Facebook Chat for pidgin. I got a response asking
for me to clarify my info. When I did (about 2 weeks ago), I have yet to get
a response.

I am using the most updated version of pidgin and would like to enable a
Facebook Chat XMPP account. No matter what settings I change/enter, the
buddy list has a notification saying "Not authorized." I have created an
account username on I have also waited several days for the
username to fully integrate into the Facebook server, as recommended by some
people in the webchat. I would like to stop using AIM+Facebook when
possible, and fully integrate with the Pidgin interface.

Here are the settings I have within pidgin
**Protocol - XMPP
Username - onebree (what my FB username is)
Domain -
Resource - BLANK
Password - PASSWORD
Create new account on server - unchecked

Connection security - use encryption if available
Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams - checked
Connect port - 5222
Connect server -
File transfer points -
Show custom smileys - checked

Proxy type - none

The original person from tech support (as well as users on a pidgin web
chat) linked me to several websites. None of the online step-by-step guides
helped, as I seem to have a newer or different version of Pidgin.

Thank you.
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