slow start, unresponsiveness, not "killable"

Lukas Hübner huebnerlukas at
Mon Apr 25 03:56:48 EDT 2011


after a fresh installation of Windows 7 (64bit, fully updated) my
pidgin (2.7.11) works kinda wired.
At first I copied over my former ".purple" directory, but later I also
tried a fresh installations ".purple".
(Renaming the prefs.xml file as suggested didn't help either.)

When i start Pidgin, it doesn't appear in the systray for about 10
minutes and whilst this is
not killable by the Taskmanager. When it finally appears the trayicon
suggests "connecting",
the tooltip on the other hand says "online". A right-click on the
trayicon takes about one or
two minutes to bring up the context menu which isn't responsive either.

I haven't found anything similar in the bug reporting system and Google.

Everything worked perfectly fine before I reinstalled Windows. All
other programs work
nicely, too. My system is relatively fast so I guess it's not a
performance problem.

Any ideas?


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