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Tue Feb 1 22:49:29 EST 2011

Hi pidgin, i didn't know if writing here or in the bug tracking system, but since is not only 1 problem I decided to send it here.
I'm having a lot of problems with msn protocol::
1. If I try to send a file, it appears to me like the invitation was sent but the other person never get the invitation and of course never get the file2. I can't see my friends avatar and my contacts can't see mine either.3. Some contacts (I can't tell what do they have in common, but I'm almost sure they're recent contacts), after logging off ; when I log in again, they appear disconected and without nick, only the e-mail and most of times they don't get the message i sent until i delete them and add them again (but I have to do it every session).4. I can't block contacts.
I have version 2.7.9, Ubuntu 9.10If you need more info please tell me ;)
I really hope to get a solution or an aswer soon, you see, pidgin is the only im in linux i like and i wanna keep using it, unfortunately with this issues is very uncomfortable to use it.
Thank you. :D 		 	   		  
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