Buddy icons are missing

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Fri Feb 4 02:26:16 EST 2011

Jose Matarazzo wrote:
> Have the same problem for almost a year and see the same problem here
> over and over again.
> How can we make the developers know about it?
You need to provide sufficient information that they can see how you 
differ from their working systems.  That means things like debug logs 
(there may be specific errors and there may be factors like unusual 
characters in the names), details of your network connectivity (maybe 
there is a firewall issue), the Pidgin version (so they can be sure that 
you really have the latest version), etc.

There are quite a lot of reports of this nature, but no-one ever 
provides the details needed to work out how the developers can reproduce 
the problem.

David Woolley
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