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David Woolley forums at
Sun Feb 6 05:06:09 EST 2011

Artie Naslund wrote:
> Recently I've been unable to add any contacts to pidgin, saying that 
> it's an invalid email address, despite it being a valid email address.  
> In my hotmail account it says the email is invalid and wont let me add, 
> while in gmail it lets me add, but it has a crossed out circle next to 
> the name and any valid contact I add always appears offline with a 
> crossed out circle next to their name. Any ideas?

There are quite a lot of reports of symptoms like this, but so far I 
don't believe that the developers have been able to reproduce the problem.

Firstly could you confirm that you are using the MSN service with your 
hotmail addresses and the Google one with your gmail addresses?

"Invalid email address" is only produced by Pidgin for MSN and it is 
only produced in response to a particular error code returned by MSN, 
so, ultimately it is MSN that believes the addresses are invalid.

Does it fail for all addresses. If not, is there anything that you can 
see in common between all the failing addresses that isn't present for 
the working addresses?

What country are you in and what language is your PC and Pidgin 
configured for?

Remembering this is a public archived mailing list, is it possible to 
give an example of an actual failing address?

David Woolley
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