Building pidgin 2.7.9 on Debian 5

agou agou at
Tue Feb 8 08:35:27 EST 2011

I have some trouble with pidgin - first I tried to install the one 
from the Debian repository, but it comes without MSN which, alas, I 
have to use.

So, I try to build it from source, but this is what I get from configure:

checking for gst_registry_fork_set_enabled in -lgstreamer-0.10... yes
checking for GSTINTERFACES... no
checking for FARSIGHT... no
configure: error:
Dependencies for voice/video were not met.
Install the necessary gstreamer and farsight packages first.
Or use --disable-vv if you do not need voice/video support.
When I try configure --disable-vv:

checking for NETWORKMANAGER... no
configure: error:
NetworkManager development headers not found.
Use --disable-nm if you do not need NetworkManager support.

When I add --disable-nm it finishes, but I would actually like to have 
those two as well - which packages do I need to install? I believe I 
have installed gstreamer (-dev packages) etc, but it makes no difference.


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