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Ethan Blanton elb at
Mon Feb 14 10:28:37 EST 2011

Mestl, Robert R spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Is it possible when installing a new version of Pidgin, to not remove
> the previously installed plug-ins, and have to re-install them?
> Kind of annoying each time a new version of Pidgin comes out...

You're going to have to provide a lot more information.  Why do you
have to reinstall?  What platform are you on?  What are the symptoms
of not reinstalling?

I assume, by the fact that you appear to have no functional package
management, that you are on Windows.  I don't know if maybe this is a
limitation of our Windows binaries, the Windows installer, or the
Windows dll system, which is known to be inadequate in many respects.
However, if it isn't, then there's no reason you should have to
reinstall plugins as long as your Pidgin stays within the same major
version series.  (That is, until you upgrade to 3.0.0 or beyond, 2.x.y
versions should be fine.) New versions of pidgin and libpurple are
backward compatible with older versions.

Someone who knows more about Windows might be able to weigh in if this
is a platform-specific limitation.

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