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Stefan Hartman Stefan.Hartman at
Thu Feb 17 07:56:52 EST 2011

Dear Pidgin Support,

i have a question about pidgin in combination with the bonjour service from apple.
the application is used in our company network with windows 7 operating systems for network related chat. constantly we are noticing that contacts are disappearing from the contact list.
we also get the notification SendResponses: No active interface to send: 10 13556 (usnername at computername._presence._tcp.local. NULL RDLen 13556: .... and 616: ERROR: read_msg errno 10054 (An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.)

is this problem familiar and can you please suggest a few possibilities for troubleshooting.

with kind regards,

Stefan Hartman
Ict Supportdesk
Xsens Technologies BV

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