Internal Problem (I can't enter new contacts)

David Woolley forums at
Tue Feb 22 02:57:57 EST 2011

Elí Centeno wrote:
> Hello, my problem is the following one: When I try to add a new contact, 
> the Pidgin messenger says the contact can't be added because the email 
> address is invalid. I know that the emails I add are valid (I've already 
> confirmed with eMail verifier). This should be an internal problem of 
> Pidgin. Even I upgraded to the latest version of Pidgin, but the problem 
> continues. What should I do?

Provide information that is actually useful for debugging, you didn't 
even tell us this specifically affected MSN.

This issue is being tracked at
but a quick skim suggests the developers are still unable to reproduce 
it and are looking for very detailed debugging output.

Any problem report needs, the exact version of Pidgin, the OS, and 
version, how you are connected to the internet, the exact wording of the 
error message, and the identity of the services affected.  Many, like 
this, also need the contents of the debug window (caution: this is a 
public, archived, mailing list).  Any user should be able to provide these.

This problem seems to require additional information which may require a 
user with software development or IT management skills.

David Woolley
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