Some questions regarding Jingle, RTP handling etc

Werner Dittmann Werner.Dittmann at
Tue Feb 22 14:35:55 EST 2011

Dear all,

a few days ago I saw a ticket for pidgin where a user asked to have ZRTP
support for pidgin. Is this enhacnement still open or does pidgin now supports
ZRTP to enable secure audio/video calls? If this enhancement ticket is still
open I would like to give some support here (I've implemented ZRTP/SRTP for
various communication clients already :-) ) .

To have a jumpstart here: I had a quick look to the pidgin source but could
not locate the real RTP handling. I saw the jingle/rtp.c nut this seems to
deal with the encoding/decoding of XMPP specific Jingle packets, not the
real RTP. Because ZRTP uses the RTP session I just need to have a hint in
which source pidgin/libpurple module the RTP packet handling (fill in the audio/video
payload, seting of RTP headers, etc) and RTP packet send/receive is implemented.
ZRTP hooks into RTP session to exchange some data, if key data was exchanged ZRTP
does not use RTP session anymore.

Best regards,

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