Certificate Error (bos.oscar.aol.com)

Dan Unzen Dan.Unzen at efi.com
Thu Feb 24 09:42:20 EST 2011


It appears like the certificate is no longer valid.  Even if I accept it, the next time I log into my Windows 7 machine, it requires that I accept it again.  Here is the certificate in question:

Common name: bos.oscar.aol.com
Fingerprint (SHA1): e2:a9:aa:70:a9:38:2b:68:10:f3:7b:07:ad:61:27:47:f1:4b:b0:79
Activation date: Mon Feb 23 16:01:12 2009
Expiration date: Wed Feb 23 16:01:12 2011

Today date is 2/24/2011, so it has expired.  Thanks for any help you can offer.


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