Pidgin file transfer problems (MSN)

Richard F. Tweed richardftweed at
Fri Feb 25 18:53:49 EST 2011

Basically I cannot send any of my MSN contacts files or receive any files
from them. Neither of us get a notification to accept the file... Is there a

Thank you,

Build Info
*Pidgin 2.7.10* (libpurple 2.7.10)

*Build Information*
*Plugins:* Enabled
*SSL:* SSL support is present.
*GTK+ Runtime:* 2.16.6
*Glib Runtime:* 2.20.5

*Library Support*
*Cyrus SASL:* Enabled
*Gadu-Gadu library (libgadu):* Internal
*GtkSpell:* Enabled
*GnuTLS:* Disabled
*Network Security Services (NSS):* Enabled
*Perl:* Disabled
*Tcl:* Disabled
*Tk:* Disabled
*UTF-8 DNS (IDN):* Disabled
*Voice and Video:* Disabled

Richard F.
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