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张展 wrote:
> 为什么pidgin2.7.5显示的qq好友全不是离线状态,就算时上线的也时离线状态,
> 怎么解决
There are important words I can't translate well enough to be sure of 
the question.  However it is important to know that QQ have changed 
their protocol but there are currently no QQ users who have volunteered 
to discover how that protocol works and to update Pidgin to work with it.

ni de wenti you zhongyao de ci wo bu hui fanyi hao.  Danshi ni yinggai 
zhidao QQ zuijin gaibian le protocol le.  Erqie mei you QQ yonghu yao 
faxian zenme xin protocol works (qi zuoyong?), jiu gaibian Pidgin 
shiyong xin protocol.

I have as a translation attempt:

Why are none of the QQ buddies shown by Pidgin 2.7.5 in a 离line state, 
even though 时 on-line(?) ones also 时离 line state.

How to solve?

Is it possible that 时 is a typo for 是; both are "shi" in pinyin? (是 
is "to be".)

离line is probably "offline".

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