Pidgin acess problems for NWS chat

Ethan Blanton elb at
Mon Jan 17 10:39:23 EST 2011

Newschannel10 Weather spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Hi there, my name is Allan Gwyn with KFDA-TV in Amarillo TX and I have
> been a user on Pidgin until a few months ago.  I had an email change a
> few months back and as a result I missed a password update reminder
> from you guys for the National Weather Service chat.  I got the new
> email updated in the system but I am still unable to log to the chat.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

We do not have anything to do with the NWS chat, Pidgin is simply the
software you may have been using to connect to it.  You need to
contact the NWS (or whoever actually manages this chat) to find out
why you cannot log in.

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