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Wed Jan 19 11:00:30 EST 2011

I am very new to ubuntu and the linux platform and I'm having a few problems with my pidgin. When I first installed pidgin it was version 2.7.3 from the repository. It worked extremely well except that the file transfer through msn was extremely slow ranging about 2-3 kb/s. After a few days of looking online I read that this was mainly because direct connections were not supported. But then I came across a pidgin developer post which said that the msn file transfer bug had been fixed in version 2.7.3 and later. In hope of fixing my file transfer I went to the pidgin website and installed the new version 2.7.9. The install was very smooth, I did exactly what was written on the page. Installed the package with Gdebi installer and then ran system update. Pidgin upgraded fine but now I can no longer recieve or send files. I dont even get the prompt to accept file and neither does the person im trying to send a file to. Also sound clips which worked before had stopped working. I thought maybe going back to the old version would fix it, so I uninstalled it with synaptic and reinstalled the old version through the repository. But the problem remains. Also after uninstalling pidgin seemed to know my login details on the new install even though I had uninstalled all pidgin packages through synaptic choosing the complete removal tool. If anyone can help me fix the file transfer sound clip problem Id be very grateful. Thank you


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