Main menu missing during buddy authorization

David Balažic david.balazic at
Thu Jan 20 05:52:12 EST 2011


Using 2.7.9 on Win XP (running all the time),
this morning I noticed there is an "Authorize buddy?"
question (for MSN) and the menu bar is blank in the
Buddy List window.

It is not blank, but undrawn. That is, whatever other
window was there before switching Pidgin to foreground,
stays there.

I can click blindly and the menu appears (including the
menu header). When the menu is shown, click on other (still
invisible) menu headers does not work. But if I close the open
menu with ESC, I can click another menu and it appears too.
After ESC the open menu stays visible in the menu bar (just the
menu head, the menu body closes properly).
The exception is the Help menu. Clicks on it are ignored.

Another details, when one menu is open, I can use curser left/right
to open adjacent menus.

Closing the Buddy List window and reopening it by the systray icon
does not change the situation.

Also: after the menus appear (by click) if I cover them with another
window, they get erased (not redrawn).

David Balažic

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