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Thu Jan 20 17:30:05 EST 2011

Starcevici wrote:
> I only get, unable to connect, a debug log is in attachment... I have 

You get lots of errors.  10051 is network unreachable, which suggests a 
firewall problem.

You have DNS errors fetching valid records, which suggests you are using 
  a broken DNS server, possibly your ISP's or possibly in your router.

Your log says:

(23:05:06) dnssrv: querying SRV record for
(23:05:15) dnssrv: Couldn't look up SRV record. This operation returned 
because the timeout period expired. (1460).

but that exists (many of them):

;; ANSWER SECTION: 86400 IN   SRV     20 0 5222 86400 IN   SRV     20 0 5222 86400 IN   SRV     5 0 5222 86400 IN   SRV     20 0 5222 86400 IN   SRV     20 0 5222

These DNS lookups seem to be fallbacks for the initial attempt, with the 
network unreachable error, so fixing that may be enough.
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