my pidgin can not transfer file

David Woolley forums at
Sat Jan 22 05:23:40 EST 2011

Quân wrote:
> Dear Pidgin team

Note that there isn't really a Pidgin team and this mailing list goes to 
a self selected mix of Pidgin users and developers.

> i have use Pidgin 2.7.3 (libpurple 2.7.3) on ubuntu 10.10. Everything is

Pidgin version: 2.7.3
OS: Ubuntu Linux 10.10
Service: Yahoo
Error messages: no information provided
Internet connectivity: no information provided

> good but i can not transfer file from my pidgin to other yahoo program.
> Can you help me, thank you very much ! 

2.7.3 is quite old.  The current version is 2.7.9.  I'd start by 
upgrading, then see if you still have a problem.

Also please submit a bug report on your email program.  It has placed a 
",", outside of quotation marks, in the human readable part of the name, 
in the From: header.  Although this is slightly obscured by the coding 
scheme used for representing non-ASCII characters in your name, I 
believe that Firefox is still correct in interpreting it as a bare 
comma, which separates multiple addresses.

(The usual problem with modern email programs is the opposite one of 
always placing quotation marks around the human readable name, when the 
standard was designed make the From header look natural. as in a printed 
memo, at least in the original, US, context.)

David Woolley
Emails are not formal business letters, whatever businesses may want.
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that is no longer good advice, as archive address hiding may not work.

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