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Pinto-Coelho, Ciro L cpinto-coelho at
Tue Jan 25 20:52:52 EST 2011

	Actually, what I did was select the check box labeled "Use HTTP
Method" on the advanced tab of the "Modify Account" menu item.  That
solved my problem and now I'm up and running.

	Thanks for your note.

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Pinto-Coelho, Ciro L wrote:
> Dear Pidgin Support,

support at is a peer support public mailing list.

>                 I installed Pidgin 2.7.9 to act as my client for
> Live (MSN) chat.  When I run the app I get a the following error
> "Connection error from Notification server: Connection timed out."  I 
> use the same account via the Windows Live client, which is an 
> abomination.  Does Pidgin support this chat protocol?

It's an alternative branding for MSN, so yes.  What do you get when you 
enable the debug window?  Are you anywhere like an office, which might 
have restricted internet access, and therefore require proxies, etc. 
configuring.  Connection timeout does tend to suggest a firewall, which 
is dropping, rather than rejecting, so preventing a prompt detection of 
a problem.

David Woolley
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