Uninformative message for XMMP login failure

David Balažic david.balazic at comtrade.com
Thu Jan 27 08:00:15 EST 2011

my_nick at jabber.org/Home disconnected
Invalid authzid

This is what pidgin printed when I tried to login to my XMPP account.

It turnes out, the account has expired.

The message is very uninformative. First I suspected server problems
(see the gtalk DNS SRV problem discussed here recently).

Issue 2: When I dismiss the error message by clicking X, the account is
still marked as active by Pidgin. Should it be inactive?
If I unckeck it in the Account window, nothing happens. If I recheck it,
it tries to login again. Looks like it was diabled, only the GUI was
showing bad.

Issue 3: selecting the login error message with the mouse, then pressing
ctrl-c pops up the Join cgat dialog instead of copying the text, like 99%
of the ofther software in the world.

Using Pidgin 2.7.9 on Windows XP Pro SP3.

David Balažic

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