How to auto-respond to buddy when they send first message?

hydrostarr at
Mon Jan 31 16:05:35 EST 2011

I login to several XMPP accounts via Pidgin.  Including Facebook chat. 
However, all my FB friends assume I'm "Facebooking"--even when I'm not, and
just Pidgin connected.  I still want to be available to them, but I want
them to know--politely and automatically--that I operate a little
differently when I'm Pidgin-connected (vs FB-web-page visiting).  That way
they may be less "expecting" of me to carry on a conversation with them for
minutes/hours...and maybe that I can and would love to chat, but briefly.

As such, I'd like this automated-response to to popup when they first sent
me a message (say, first message within the last 20 mins or so):

> (This is a recording) I'm not "Facebooking," rather connected via Pidgin
> (chat client). But I still might respond. :)
autoreply doesn't appear to work .  Can't get Buddy Pounce to do what I
want--it (buddy pounce in 2.7.9) disables the "send message" checkbox when
someone sends ::me:: a message.  (What's up with that?)  Further, I'm not
sure how the "recurring" pounce/reply would work; don't want said auto-reply
to happen all the time, just at the "beginning" of a contact, conversation.

Someone else suggested to me (Buddy) Alarm, might work...but I have yet to
find something called "buddy alarm."

Any other thoughts, suggestions?
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