DBUS - Pidgin presence

Krzysztof dibo20 at wp.pl
Mon Jun 6 06:42:10 EDT 2011


I am using free pascal for listening for pidgin signals. This is my code to

  { Initializes the errors }

  { Connection }
  FDBConn := dbus_bus_get(DBUS_BUS_SESSION, @FDBErr);

  { Request the name of the bus }
  ret := dbus_bus_request_name(FDBConn, 'im.pidgin.purple.PurpleInterface',

It works but only if I connect when pidgin is running. If my plugin connect
first (I don't get any errors) and then run Pidgin, then I don't get any
signals (receiving and sending chat message).
How can I check if pidgin is running or connect with correct flags?

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