Wheres 2.8.0?

Laurent Rocher 666.laurent at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 08:30:56 EDT 2011

08/06/2011 08:53, Kevin Stange wrote :
> On 06/08/2011 01:00 AM, Ryan B wrote:
>> According to the changelog, 2.8.0 was released,
>> http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/ChangeLog
>> The website still shows 2.7.11, normally any new releases are quickly
>> uploaded, whats going on?
>> (Using Windows)
> You can pick up the source code package off of SourceForge, but we're a
> bit behind on some of the binary releases due to developer availability.
>  I think we should have Windows builds up by tonight (the 8th).
> RPMs and other packages will depend on those who take care of those builds.
> Kevin

Here's a direct link for w32 version of Pidgin 2.8.0:

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