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Atina Wilde atinawilde at
Fri Jun 17 11:55:31 EDT 2011

Help, please. I have exhausted every advice in this area.
I previously (on the same computer, all the files are still intact) had a Windows XP Genius edition, on which I first had pidgin for about 2 weeks. 
I now have installed Ubuntu 11.04 on the same computer. 

The problem I'm having is that I cannot find the .purple logs for Pidgin in any of the old file system (for the XP) nor in the new file system (Ubuntu). I can access the recent chat logs through the Pidgin program, but would like to know where they actually are on my computer, as well as find the old ones from when I had XP (that I cannot access through the Pidgin program).

I have followed all the advice on the FAQ, and there are no such directories or folders on my computer (not that I can find).
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