I can only send short messages

Paul Aurich darkrain42 at pidgin.im
Sun Jun 19 18:27:15 EDT 2011

Please reply to the support mailing list.

On 2011-06-19 13:37, Steven Shown wrote:
> Thank you for your response. I do not have the "highlight" plugin
> enabled. I have the "auto accept, Buddy Notes, Buddy State Notification,
> Colorize, Conversation Colors, D Bus Example,  Ext Placement, History,
>  Iconify on away,  infopane options,  Join/part hiding,  libnotify
> popups,  log reader,  message notification,   message splitter,  Pidgin
> GTK+Theme Control,  Pidgin Theme Editor,  Psychic Mode,  Send Button,
> Timestamp,  and Voice/Video Settings. I though maybe the message
> splitter was causing it, but I turned it on to try to eliminate the
> problem, but it did not help. That one is configured to outgoing
> messages of 768 characters, so it shouldn't cause it.

My apologies.  Disable the *Colorize* plugin.


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