Latest pidgin version which uses the previous MSNP?

Estevao B. K. icmp.request.lists at
Sun Jun 26 16:16:05 EDT 2011


So, my pidgin under a debian-based dist on my desktop computer doesn't 
load other people's custom emoticons, or transfer files properly, show 
my display image, etc. Had tried to install from the source, no luck. On 
this 7 months old ticket it's said that it's because MS changed the P2P 
protocol and a whole new protocol needs to be written:

But when I opened a previous version of pidgin on my laptop, at least 
other people's custom emoticons were loaded. I think it was version 
2.6.6. They were also able to view my display image, which doesn't work 
on newer/current versions. Didn't test file transfers or other stuff.

I believe that's because older versions of pidgin uses an older MSNP, 
like MSNP11, I don't know, which isn't messed up. But I might be wrong.

Disregarding any security concerns that were solved on newer versions, 
if that's true, do you know what's the latest version of pidgin which 
uses the previous MSNP so I can try it until a new version is released?

Thanks in advance!

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