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Account is going to be selectable for whatever account will be in use. This will be a pulldown once you set those up.

User name is whatever username they have set up on a given system. So if it's AOL, and you have user foobar, you put foobar in there.

Alias is just how you know them. This field is whatever you want.

For the password, that's whatever password you have. See the provider if you have forgotten this.


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"CA Catherine Anthony-Gudel (2413)" <canthonygudel at> wrote:

I am trying to add people to my buddy list, but  cant figure out how?

It comes up 

Buddy user name


Not sure what to put in each of these areas?


I had a previous acct for gudelcatherine but when I try to log onto this acct, it comes up 

Enter Password?

Not sure what the password was?

Thank you!


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