dont connect lcs/ocs with php phurple.

ALPAY ONAL alpaycom at
Wed Sep 7 05:26:16 EDT 2011

hi.please help me!!
i have a big problem.i can use ocs/lcs connection for php phurple but dont connect.i am connecting the msn,yahoo,gtalk but i dont connect lcs/ocs.this phurple log.
(11:45:31) account: Connecting to account alpay at BOTEGO.LOCAL,BOTEGO\alpay.(11:45:31) prefs: /purple/savedstatus/isidleaway changed, scheduling save.(11:45:31) connection: Connecting. gc = 0x188eea0(11:45:31) sipe: sipe_purple_login: username 'alpay at BOTEGO.LOCAL,BOTEGO\alpay'(11:45:31) sipe: sipe_purple_login: login 'BOTEGO\alpay'(11:45:31) sipe: sipe_purple_login: auth domain 'BOTEGO' user 'alpay'(11:45:31) sipe: sipe_core_allocate: signin_name 'alpay at BOTEGO.LOCAL'(11:45:31) sipe: sipe_core_allocate: user 'alpay' domain 'BOTEGO.LOCAL'(11:45:31) sipe: sipe_core_connect: user specified SIP server BOTEGO.LOCAL:0(11:45:31) sipe: transport_connect - hostname: BOTEGO.LOCAL port: 5061(11:45:31) sipe: using SSL(11:45:31) dns: DNS query for 'BOTEGO.LOCAL' queued
and stop. what is problem ?

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