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Sun Sep 11 05:14:12 EDT 2011

Oranjeboom at wrote:
> *how do you sign in? I used my  yahoo email and it said ID. How do I 
> know my ID? *

Which service are you trying to log in to?  Generally you use the same 
ID as you would with the native client for that service.

> *do I need  a different ID for ??*

I believe that each of these services allows you to send messages to 
people on the other one, so you probably only need to log in to one of 
them, however, for Yahoo, the login name doesn't, at least normally, 
included the @ and domain part, but for MSN it does. MSN will allow you 
to use most email addresses, as long as you registered with them with 
that address, and, in Europe, will also allow special dummy email 
addresses that cannot be used for email.

I can't remember if Yahoo messaging addresses are also valid as email ones.

You are likely to have to register using either a web site or the native 
client, before you can use the service.

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