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Wed Sep 14 20:39:13 EDT 2011

I have been frustrated recently with Pidgin since changing to Windows 7, and not having the pidgin window pop up to my screen when I receive a new message, but being auto minimized.

I found others were having trouble with this and found tickets 12492 and 13188, but there was not any real good solution. 

But reading them got me to try something different which has helped it work more like it used to. Sending this thinking possibly you can add this to these tickets or other tickets as a solution for others out there who are having this issue.

What I did... (sorry, but may not use the official titles/terms as not sure what to call them)

On the right side of the bottom bar is a little up arrow, where if you put your pointer over it is shows 'Show Hidden Icons'.  This is what I was having to go to, click on it, find the icon for Pidgin, and double click it to get it to show. So what I did was.
1. Put cursor on this arrow, the right clicked and picked Properties from the list.
2. This brings up the box 'Turn system icons on or off'
3. Clicked on 'Customize Notification Icons' at the bottom of window.
4. Found listing for Pidgin. This was currently set to 'Only Show Notifications'. Changed this value to 'Show icon and notifications'. Then clicked ok.

This put a pidgin icon in the bottom right toolbar, like it used to have with XP.

Now when someone sends me a new message the message pops up in my window, even if pidgin is not maximized.

Please add this to the solution so others will not be driven nuts like I do. 
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