Spectrum issue

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Wed Dec 26 11:01:02 EST 2012

Halim wrote:

> Dear Support,

There is no support department.  This is a peer support mailing list.
> I’m using spectrum API to connect several yahoo, gmail and MSN accounts 
> from one server, the purpose is to provide some customers with 
> connection to the IM bridges without having internet connection on their 
> hands.

According to: http://hanzz.github.com/libtransport/discussion/

"Spectrum 2 XMPP transports

Chat Room

We have a chat room at spectrum at conference.spectrum.im. This is the 
preferred way of contacting the developers. If you ask question there, 
stay in the room for a while. We have also our own life and we are not 
paying attention to the room 24 hours per day."

What looks like an email address is actually an xmpp: URI.

I am therefore pretty sure that it is not maintained by the Pidgin 

David Woolley
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