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I have two clients: Ms Piggy Bag and Mr Winstred Dostieu. They ask me 
often why their printers don't work. Basically every time if this occurs 
i give then 5 golden rules to enable printer:

1. Put printer cable into power slot
2. Put second cable left to computer
3. Turn printer on
4. Insert paper if neccesary
5. Check ink level.

Very often i need to do this because old Ms Piggy lost here memory after 
trip to Bermudas. It started with recalling the name of this young guy 
holding her hand on the beach and she started to don't remember more 
things from this time.

And Mr Winstred just don't have mind to this kind of things because he 
uses all his memory to remember as long PI number as he can.

So i copy the instruction above every time from notepad and paste to 
Pidgin when they ask my via communicator about the printer.

Is there any way to have snippets like this easily accessible in Pidgin? 
So i don't need to open Notepad copy and paste?

I would love this because it's so time consuming!

best wishes,

Tomasz Smykowski

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