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David Woolley forums at
Thu Feb 9 18:15:47 EST 2012

Charadai wrote:
> Hace poco instale el programa pidgin en la pc de la OL de charadai y 
> tengo algunas dificultads para conectarme con otros usuarios, los agrego 
> como amigos y me sale " no autorizado", me pueden orientar un poco para 
> facilitar la coneccion?????
> gracias

The language of this public mailing list is English.  My Spanish isn't 
very good, but you don't seem to have told us which service you are 
trying to access, only that you got an "unauthorised" error, I think 
during connection.

The most common cause is specifying an incorrect user ID or password.

David Woolley
Emails are not formal business letters, whatever businesses may want.
RFC1855 says there should be an address here, but, in a world of spam,
that is no longer good advice, as archive address hiding may not work.

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