Windows profile doesn't connect under LINUX

Stefan Xenon stefanxe at
Mon Feb 13 08:55:29 EST 2012

The subject was meant to be "Windows profile doesn't connect under
LINUX". Sorry for this mistake.

Am 13.02.2012 21:37, schrieb Stefan Xenon:
> For several months I use Pidgin (now 2.10.1) successfully under Windows.
> Recently I copied the profile folder ("purple") to my Ubuntu computer
> which has Pidgin 2.10.0 and surprisingly I can't login to my XMPP
> account anymore. Pidgin tells me 'not authorized' (Nicht autorisiert)
> even though the very same account profile still works under Windows! I
> verified the password and it's correct. Also in Pidgin I added a new
> XMPP account with the same and verified credentials but still the same
> problem. Any advice how to analyze this strange behaviour is highly
> appreciated.
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