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Alexia alexia at funmobilebe.com
Tue Feb 28 05:27:35 EST 2012


I had problems with my pidgin, only half the messages sent to me I could receive, so I re-installed it. Sadly the spell check options I chose couldn't be installed so I tried to do this manually. I followed the links given on your website and tried to download the files. I am not very good with computers so it took me quite a while to understand what was ment by redifining a file to .zip. Once I finally managed to get it and unzipped the file I got about 20 error messages saying access is denied. I tried extracting the files individually and still i get the message 'access denied' and 'cannot create'. Is there anywhere I can download a package and not have to extract files or do complicated stuff like that? I have been stuck on this since 9:30 so getting pretty frustrated as I need to stay online at all times for my work.

Would appreciate if you could send a link or a simpler solution to installing spell check, I quite like pidgin and don't want to have to switch just for sth silly like spell check.


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