How to do a video chat

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Sat Jan 7 10:49:23 EST 2012

Ranjit wrote:
> Pl guide me step by step how to do a video chat
What does "pl" mean?

Generally, asking for step by step instructions on a peer support 
mailing list is not a productive use of the list.  If someone is 
prepared to write you a step by step guide on the list, they would have 
been prepared to do it and leave it on a web site.

The most effective use of a list is to try to do something yourself and 
then ask for help on the specific problems, as you encounter them, and 
after you have searched for solutions.

As a start though, you will need to install a supported OS and subscribe 
to a supported IM service.  Looking at your email headers, your OS may 
be supported.

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