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seems like the problem lies with my aol then as i cannot get into my aims messenger but thank you for your advise

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Debs Collins wrote:
> I tried to log into my pidgin last night and it wouldn't accept my account saying invalid password/ username i tried to sort this and an error401 keeps coming up. I tried to authenticate my pidgin again but still nothing.Could you give me some advise on this please.

You can't log in to Pidgin.  Pidgin is a client, which allows you to log  in to many different instant messaging services.  Your problem is with logging in to one of those services.  The specific error number will be coming from that service.

The contents of Pidgin's debug window may help identify the service and the stage at which the process is failing, but interpreting the error code probably requires reference to the documentation for the particular service, or contact that service's support department.

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